摘要: 今天推荐书小编为大家推荐一本Carol Bolt的颇有神秘色彩的书《Book
of Answers》。 《Book of
-!。出于好奇,作者 …


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昨日推荐书小编为大家推荐一本Carol Bolt的颇有神秘色彩的书《Book of

Lecture One

《Book of

主讲人:Professor Elaine Avila


题 目:Families, Form, Diversity, Impact: American Playwrights from


讲座时间:二零一零.12.16 2:30-4:30 p.m.


地 点:仙林业高校区,J3-313


主 办:南京电子科技大学大农业余大学学


主 持 人:陈爱敏 教授


Lecture Two


主讲人:Professor Elaine Avila


题 目:Firsts and Beyond Borders: American and Canadian Playwrights
from 2000-2010


讲座时间:2010.12.17 2:30- 4:30 p.m.

Carol Bolt (August 25, 1941 – November 28, 2000) was a Canadian
playwright. She was a founding member and, for several years, president
of the Playwrights Union of Canada.

地 点:随园校区外国语高校二楼会议厅

Bolt’s best known play is the thriller One Night Stand, which was turned
into a film in 1978. Her other plays include examinations of
Canadian-specific motifs and political issues, such as Buffalo Jump
(examining Canada during the depression era of the 1930s) and Red Emma
(about radical anarchist Emma Goldman). Her last play was Famous,
produced on stage in 1997.

主 办:南京师范高校大地质大学

For television, Bolt’s writing credits include Tales of the Klondike,
two episodes of the animated children’s series The Raccoons, and a
single episode of Fraggle Rock.

主 持 人:陈爱敏 教授

Bolt died of complications due to liver cancer on November 28, 2000, in
Toronto, Ontario.[1] Following her death, the Canadian Authors
Association renamed its CAA Award for Drama to the Carol Bolt Award in
her memory; the award is now administered by the Playwrights Guild of


Lecture One:

Families, Form, Diversity, Impact: American Playwrights from

A survey of landmark plays and playwrights from 1970-2000, paying
special to attention to the importance of the “family” play in America
and plays that have had a positive effect on public policy, such as John
Herbert’s Fortune and Men’s Eyes , a
Canadian play that premiered in New York City and helped lead to
American prison reform and the winning of some gay rights. This era of
American theatre saw the emergence of writers from diverse cultural
backgrounds (women, queer, African-American, Chinese-American, Latino/a
writers). Playwrights experimented with form, drawing inspiration from
visual art, music, and dance. Play creation techniques from influential
playwrights/teachers of playwriting will also be discussed.

Lecture Two:

Firsts and Beyond Borders: American and Canadian Playwrights from

The new millennium saw the first Latino writer, the first African
American woman, to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama (a prestigious
national American award), as well as playwrights reaching across borders
of all kinds. Innovations are made in form and structure through a rise
in plays that are created through interviews and international
collaborations, such as such as Ruined,
The Lamarie Project, Burn Gloom, and Jade in
the Coal. Playwrights examine their cultures of origin,
immigration policies, and stereotypes. Erik Ehn spearheads
collaborations with Rwanda, Africa; Paul Yee/Pangaea Arts works with
performers from Ghangzhou; Lynn Nottage wins the Pulitzer Prize for her
play inspired by women’s stories from the Congo, Africa; Chay Yew writes
about Shanghai.


Elaine Avila is the Endowed Chair and Head of the MFA Program in
Dramatic Writing at the University of New Mexico. She is an
award-winning playwright in the United States and Canada. Notable plays
include: Jane Austen, Action Figure…and Other
Plays (Premieres/Workshops: New
York City; Vancouver, Canada; Portland, Oregon; Panama City, Panama),
(London, England; Edmonton, Canada; New Mexico), Burn Gloom (Vancouver,
BC, a music-theatre collaboration involving writers from 14 cities,
including Guangzhou, Malawi, Santiago, Tasmania, Bali, New York City,
Montreal, and Belle Ile, France). She is the recipient of numerous
awards and grants including The Victoria Critic’s Circle for Best New
Play, a Canada Council Millennium Grant, “New Works for Young Women”
Award/Residency from Tulsa University, the A.S.K. Theatre Projects
Scholarship, Research (in Lisbon, Portugal) and Teaching Grants, the
University of New Mexico and the Alden B. Dow Fellowship.



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